Feelin’ Lucky on the 1st Friday in July

Good news and bad news: Bad news: McCarthyizm will be NOT playing Sportsmens on the 1st Thursday in July. Good news: McCarthyizm WILL be playing the first FRIDAY in July! And that happens to be 07/07/17. Sounds like a lucky day to me! And thus, it shall be deemed Luck O’ the Irish Night. To emphasize the point we’ve got our friends from Rochester, 1916, taking that ride down the Thruway to deliver their own brand of high energy Irish rock. McCarthyizm hits the stage at 9 pm with 1916 closing the night, so come on down early, stay late and take an Uber home, bc the party is ON. And if you haven’t heard, the Sportsmens now has AC on the first floor. So you can be cool downstairs or get some open-air on the 2nd floor patio while still seeing and hearing all that happens on stage. Sportos does it again. See ya there!

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